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Graphic Design

Graphic design for marketing, advertising and commercial materials

Graphic Design

Behind every amazing brand, the’re a great story, passion and purpose. There are hundreds of thousands of new brand coming out on a daily basis. We are exposed to brands and promotions thousands of times a day and only a very limited number of them are get our attention and remembered. We live in a world filled with brands and it is important that it stands out alongside with its graphic deign materials.


In our graphic design, we take into consideration these aspects

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Overall Customer Experience

360 overview of customer experience. Value propositions for internal customers (employees) and external customers (consumers). The whole project.

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Marketing & Branding

The brand story, call to action, lead generation, increasing the conversion rate of sales, increasing the acquisition and retention rate. Being trustworthy. Studying the target audience and the customer experience journey map. Integration between digital marketing and traditional marketing.

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UX and UI Design

Well studied, modern, beautiful, simple, easy, elegant, trustworthy, compelling and persuasive design. The size and dimensions, and details should be compatible with all devices and digital platforms.


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Designs and marketing materials that are remarkable

We build strong and amazing brands!


Graphic Design Services

Graphic design services vary from print, digital, visual, animated, or motion picture/video

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Logo and Brand

The logo is designed in modern ways and styles with taking into consideration the marketing aspects and brand image. In addition, The size and dimensions, and details should be compatible with all devices and digital platforms. It includes all the brand essentials and stationery.

Logo and Brand Design →

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Motion picture, print and digital ads are designed with modern and well studied methodologies that strengthen the brand and increase revenue.

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Marketing Materials

Company profile, portfolio, brochures, proposals, postcards, posters, social media contents and annotations. They come in digital or print forms.

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Designing on Products

Design on products, such as, clothes, cups, caps, bags, accessories, jewelry, phone case, home decoration and costumed design for product.

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Product Design

Conduct a study and research with 360 overview of customer experience,the target audience and the business life cycle, product life cycle, product-market fit, customer experience, value proposition to deigning products.

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Design of boxes, package, bags and stickers. It’s is designed in an attractive and remarkable style, professional and reflect the brand image and identity.

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Design professional presentations, such as commercial, non-commercial presentations explanations, studies and research. They come in digital or print forms.

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Design of infographics, art clips, graphic illustrations and animated videos, such as marketing, educational materials, illustrations…etc. They come in digital or print forms.

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Design professional reports, such as job performance, sales, customers, product, company performance reports. They come in digital or print forms.

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Printed Materials

Design of publications, such as covers, books, magazines, catalogs, newspapers, explanatory materials…etc. They come in digital or print forms.

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Design of store sign, boards and other signs in a professional way and brand representative.

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App Design

We design apps for iOS (iPhone) and Android (Samsung and other Android devices). We specialize in intelligent ideas, solutions and innovations that put the customer at the heart of the business. We go through the app concept and features, user experience and user interface. Then, we go through an amazing and clean coding and development for the app.

App Design →

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Website Design

Website design with powerful control panel and content management including an app as a web view for Android and iPhone.

Website Design →

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Online Store Design

Online store design with powerful control panel and content management including an app as a web view for Android and iPhone.

Online Store Design →

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Digital Platform Design

Systems, applications, platforms, internal and external digital portals, web applications and computer software.

Digital Platform Design →

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Our methods and strategy are modern, well-studied and efficient


Methodology and stages of our unique process

We have strong attention to details. The stages and process of the graphic design are unique and well studied to creatively create graphic design that reflects your brand image positively, strengthens your brand and increases your revenue.

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1. Exploration

At this stage, we go through the business and its model, brand story, identity, values, market and target segment to be studied and understood. The business’s life cycle customer's life cycle, customer journey map, and customer behavior will be studied and understood. We study the overall customer experience, user experience, user mobility and behavior (both online and on the ground) including business needs (internal customers, employees), customer needs and 360 overview of the customer experience.

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2. Planning

A meeting or conference call will be held with you to plan and determine the design objectives, outcome, patterns and colors, which providing some brand design as inspiration. Also, there will be a creative brief. In addition to taking into account the printing budget, which will determine the way and ideas of the design, selected items and dimensions.

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3. Execution

We’ll start designing graphic art as it will determine the outcome of the rest of the art items. There will be conference calls to follow up with the work progress, which will be done through several platforms dedicated to project management and communication to be updated and deliver the requirements and follow-up and all the way to finishing the brand design. The graphic design is usually designed in 2 or 3 weeks.

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