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Web Design

We don’t only design an amazing website, but also we create an integrated digital front of your business

Website Design

In this digital era, every business, despite its nature and type, must have an online arm to guarantee its presence and sustainability. Small, medium and large businesses alike, must keep an online presence, either partially or entirely, to promote, market and/or sell their goods/services. Even if the business doesn’t directly sell online services, the company's website still should resemble the physical office of the business. It should offer all needed information and services to serve customers as if they were visiting the corporate office, premise, or shop. Thus, the website must entail live chat options, services request forms, quotation request forms, services payment, and services status information.


In our web design, we take into consideration these aspects

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Overall Customer Experience

360 overview of customer experience. Value propositions for internal customers (employees) and external customers (consumers). The whole project.

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Marketing & Branding

The brand story, call to action, lead generation, increasing the conversion rate of sales, increasing the acquisition and retention rate and SEO optimization.

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UX and UI Design

Well studied, modern, beautiful, simple, easy, elegant, trustworthy, compelling and persuasive design.


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One system and control panel to manage your website, its content, and design with management and marketing tools


Features of the control panel of the website

One digital control panel of the website with features and tools for ordering (lead generation), digital services, sales and marketing

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Main Features

All basic website features are available. In addition to the ability of adding other features, tools and software to manage the entire business online and linking it to the website (management, inquiries, orders, sales, marketing, customer service, etc.).

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Content Management

A powerful and easy-to-use control panel for editing, adding and redesigning the entire website (design, features, formatting, colors, fonts, images, videos, products, pages, blog, documentation, portfolio, etc.) with no need for any programming, coding and technical skills.

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General Administration

A powerful and easy-to-use control panel for the whole website management, for example: admins, staff permissions, contributors and bloggers.

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Analytics and Reports

Advanced and powerful analytics tool. Customer/user behavior analysis tools for all the website experience stages from visiting to switching pages to the filling out the inquiries and service request forms including conversion rates and button clients and impressions. As well as reports and analysis of sales, orders, visits, traffic sources, conversion rates, new and return customers rates...etc.

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Marketing Management

Digital marketing channels, tools and features (search engines optimization (SEO), email channel, social media channels, paid advertising channels, Google Ads). Integration and linking of online and traditional channels and marketing tools. Offering discounts, incentives, gift cards, advertising/announcement bar, pop-up, newsletters, email marketing, advertising campaigns and other marketing techniques.

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Customer Management

A powerful Customer Relationships Management (CRM) and Customer Experience Management (CEM). The customer management database is categorized and detailed with their full orders/inquiries/service requests history and information with ability to send newsletters, offers, and sales via email. In addition, great support and customer service tools, such as documentation, knowledge base, FAQs, Live Chat, and an entire integrated support system with tickets numbers.

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Payment Methods

This feature allows you to sell e-services, offer monthly subscriptions and sell some digital products (ex. books, PDF files), physical products, and appointment bookings…etc. you can payment methods for delivery requests of restaurants, for example. All major, global and local payment methods (digital walets, cards, alternative payments, digital payments, traditional payments) are available, such as, credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, cryptocurrency, such as, Bitcoins, cash on delivery (COD), bank transfer, Mada cards, Sadad…etc. Other alternative payments, such as, Benefit, K-nert, OmanNet,fawry, masary, verify, WeChat Pay, Alipay, UnionPay and eFawteercom, installments. Also, other payment methods, such as, gift cards, credits, loyalty program points etc. In addition, you can create your own payment method manually. The payment gateway is protected with fraud analysis and Anti-Fraud Protection.

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Orders Management

A inquiry/request of a service form is placed for each of your service. When a inquiry or request service form is submitted, it will automatically be sent to several destinations: your email, Google Drive (database with other many features), Mailchimp (email lists and email marketing), and Zapier (the most powerful integration tools that allow you to make online platform and SaaS do tasks for you automatically).

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Blog Management

The blog is an important feature for creating articles, news and updates, which it enhances search engines (SEO), PR and branding. Also, it shows your business experience and skills in its field. You can manage blogs easily and allow bloggers to only be able to access the control panel to post a blog. It comes with many features, such as, social media sharing automation, email sharing, commenting and the rest of the essential features for blog management.

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Platform Access

Access to the system, control panel from any device (all computers, mobile, tablet) via the website and apps.

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Platform Subscription

It includes all of the above and a domian, an SSL certificate, protection, unlimited storage and hosting, unlimited number of products, sections and pages, including server, high protection and super speed page loads, 24 hour subscription support and customer service (via Live chat, email, and phone) plus the powerful documentations, forums and community. and knowledge base Available monthly and annually.

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Phone App

We can add an iOS (iPhone) and Android (Samsung and other Android devices app for your website that works as web view/virtual window. It comes with an excellent control panel that allows you to: Modify the description, icon and information of the app. Send targeted notifications to the app users on their phones, performance analysis tool, and promotion feature.


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We offer solutions and ideas to create and develop to add e-services to your website


E-Services and Solutions

Whatever the nature of your business, depending on a website by itself is not enough. Today, a large part of the work of any business has become digital. We offer solutions that help you to provide some of your services digitally, which shorten the time and make it easier for your customers to view and request services. In addition, other solutions, such as, facilitating and organizing orders management, processes, customers, sales and internal management, and these are some of them

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Sales Management

The sales and CRM system is linked to the website so that each service request is received on the digital system and storage. Each order is automatically assigned to the designated sales representative and you can set some tasks to be executed automatically. The system have other many features, such as, staff management, analysis, reporting and sales monitoring, and employee performance. In addition to marketing tools, customer service and customer relationship management.

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Customers Service

An integrated digital system that works as a customer service and support center that enables your employees to receive inquiries via live chat, phone and email with a ticketing number system to follow up with the provided service to customer. As well as an information center that helps customers find answers to their inquiries and frequent questions. The system is so intelligent that it converts all inquiries to knowledge base for customers and customer service representative.

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We can integrate other many programs to provide e-services to your customers that would reduce the time taken to implement a service. In addition to other several programs that manages projects, operations, employees, accounting and other administrative matters.



We have partnered with the best companies that offer services and solutions that contribute to the success of your website and your entire business

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Our designs are well studied, modern, elegant, creative, amazing, optimized for high conversion rate


Methodology and stages of our unique design process

We care about the details. The stages of designing a website are unique and deliberate in order to create a creative and innovative site that reflects the image of your project positively and strengthens your brand and raises your revenue.

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1. Exploration

At this stage, we go through the business and its model, brand story, identity, values, market and target segment to be studied and understood. The business’s life cycle customer's life cycle, customer journey map, and customer behavior will be studied and understood. We study the overall customer experience, user experience, user mobility and behavior (both online and on the ground) including business needs (internal customers, employees), customer needs and 360 overview of the customer experience.

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2. Design

We develop the overall design strategy of the project and begin designing the user experience, content and user interface design. There will be a weekly conference call to follow up with the work progress, which will be done through several platforms dedicated to project management and communication to be updated and deliver the requirements and follow-up and all the way to launching the website. You can view the progress of the work and the new design of the website.

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3. Launch

Project completion time varies depending on the project size and requirements, but usually the project is completed within one month only. The website will be tested (usability test) and then it will go live. There will be following up and support for two months to ensure that the website works properly and ensure that the user experience is positive, streamlined and excellent. There will be support center and customer service via live chat, phone, email by the website platform for free and forever.

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