Goal and Vision

To improve and innovate business, products and services that make people' lives better! through business development, marketing, web/app design and entrepreneurship program.

Our goal is to support and help small business and startups grow and develop through increasing their customers pool (existing and new customers) and taking them to the next level through low coast and effective approaches and strategies.




CX Shift stands for Customer Experience Shift. Businesses that want to succeed have shifted to be a business positioning the customer experience in the heart of the organization (customer-centric model). It's about providing a positive customer experience through providing value proposition in products and services.


Over four-year experience in business development for small businesses and startups in the US and Saudi Arabia. Our expertise in customer experience improvement, user experience, customer relationship management, digital marketing, social media, SEO and web design.



Awarded for the Forbes Middle East "Entrepreneurs Shaping Saudi Arabia’s Future" for 2015

2016 CX Impact Awards Winner - Outstanding Providers

This award is aimed at individuals who are consultants or vendors in our field dedicated to developing the CX industry through innovative approaches, trained expertise and patient instruction.

Certified by Ministry of Commerce and Investment of Saudi Arabia

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