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90% is the rate of failure of start-ups, which is due to many reasons and the most important lack of experience of entrepreneurs at the beginning of their work, although they have distinctive ideas. We provide the development services of start-ups in several fields and all stages of startups from the beginning to advanced stages.


In our startup development, we take into consideration these aspects

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Overall Customer Experience

Value propositions for internal customers (employees) and external customers (consumers).

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Marketing & Branding

Be trustworthy. Brand Story. Study the target segment and the customer's trip map. The rate of transformation of demand and purchase, attracting and retaining customers. And their association with traditional and electronic marketing channels.

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Overall Busienss

Understanding the project, the stage it is going through, its objectives, its current and future plans, and identifying the aspects and skills that need to be developed and innovated.


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Developing startups on Lean Startup methodology


Startups Development Services

Various advice and advice are provided to strengthen your skills and provide solutions and tips for the success of your project. The company is developing from the idea stage to the product to grow on the methodology of Lean Startup. The start-up phase and the development work will begin at the current stage only.

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Business Idea

The stage of establishing the idea and its perception and studying its dimensions and their marketability and target segment and feasibility in the near and long term.

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The stage of establishing the company, its capital, its sources, founders, human capital, the development of the business model, plan and strategies, and the design and establishment of the primary product or service with its basic characteristics only.

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The project is launched at this stage and the start of marketing and dissemination of knowledge about the project and the acquisition of customers quickly to achieve the desired objectives in the first year.

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At this stage, the product or service, customers, market, results achieved, performance indicators, feedback, research and data are examined to improve and develop the company, its products and services.

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This is the stage of growth, expansion, moving to higher levels, increasing the customer base, sales and offers, and the company as a whole.

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This is a project transformation phase from a start-up company to a facility and is considered as a company with a value and weight and is focused on increasing customer retention rates, loyalty, customer acquisition and sales.


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The emerging company is developed on Silicon Valley methodologies

Master Entrepreneurship as a Silicon Valley Entrepreneur!


Methodology and stages of development of unique startups

We care about the details. The stages of creating the program are unique and deliberate in order to create a program that is tailored to your needs and objectives and will therefore acquire knowledge, knowledge and deep experience from Silicon Valley.

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1. Exploration

At this stage, the business project and its model, story, identity, principles, market and target segment are studied and understood. The customer's lifecycle, customer journey map, and customer behavior are studied and understood. Study of the overall customer experience, user experience, user mobility and behavior (both online and on the ground) including business needs (internal customers, employees) and customer needs.

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2. Planning

The project is understood, the stage it is going through and its current and future objectives and identify the aspects and skills that need to be developed. The plan will then be designed and constructed based on the stage of the project and the results and objectives to be achieved for the project and the leaders of the work. Plans and strategies are created to achieve current and future project objectives and to identify indicators of weakness, strength and key performance indicators.

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3. Execution

Implementation of the plan and strategies for the development of the start-up company will be initiated and weekly meetings will be held and are available permanently for advice and guidance. Guidance and guidance is given throughout all stages and aspects of the evolution of the company from the idea and development to the establishment of the company and its initial products and the formation of human and financial capital to launch and follow-up performance and to develop the company and its products and to grow and then the transformation to a facility. Independent operations and steady plans and expansion into the corporate world.

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