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Digital Marketing Management

In this digital era, every business, despite its nature and type, must have an online arm to guarantee its presence and sustainability. Small, medium and large businesses alike, must keep an online presence, either partially or entirely, to promote, market and/or sell their goods/services. Even if the business doesn’t directly sell online services, the company's website still should resemble the physical office of the business. It should offer all needed information and services to serve customers as if they were visiting the corporate office, premise, or shop. Thus, the website must entail live chat options, services request forms, quotation request forms, services payment, and services status information.


In our digital marketing management, we take into consideration these aspects

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Overall Customer Experience

360 overview of customer experience. Value propositions for internal customers (employees) and external customers (consumers). The whole project.

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Marketing & Branding

The brand story, call to action, lead generation, increasing the conversion rate of sales, increasing the acquisition and retention rate. Being trustworthy. Studying the target audience and the customer experience journey map. Integration between digital marketing and traditional marketing.

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Modern Digital Marketing

The latest USA marketing methodologies that are efficient and cost defective, such as, Inbound Marketing, Growth Hacking, Gorilla Marketing, and Branding.


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Effective and modern digital marketing is integrated with traditional marketing

We build global, amazing and successful brands


Digital Marketing Channels

A mix of connected and integrated marketing channels that rely on innovative, low cost and highly effective marketing methods

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The website will be reviewed on a regular bases to ensure that positive user experience and user interface. Also, the content should reflect the brand image, and meet marketing objectives that will result in sales increase. A landing page will be created for each marketing campaign.

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A plan and strategy is developed to optimize and improve search engines (SEO), which depends on various factors, requirements and methods on applied onsite and offsite. Achieving SEO objectives, such as, which high traffic, low bounce rate and high conversion rate.

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Social Media

Posting content with indirect and direct marketing campaigns, high quality and engaging content. A strategy and plan is developed to increase the base of followers and customers on all social media accounts.

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Creating different lists for different categories. Creating targeted campaigns for different target audience. Creating campaigns for sales, offers and newsletter.

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Content and Blog

Content and blog are important for SEO. Creating a plan to post targeted articles that attract customers to read and share, and engaged with. Also, it would reflect the company's experience in its field. In addition, content to be like documentation and knowledge base.

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Content Websites

Websites that are content oriented, such as, forums, community, blogs, publications, discussion, reviews and listings.

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Free Ads

There are several ways to place ads directly and indirectly on different online platforms for free, such as social media, listing websites, forums, community and free ads platforms.

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Paid ads

Creating the plan, strategy, and objective for the paid ads. Creating campaigns and A/B testing for paid ads (PPC), such as, Google Ads, Instagram, Twitter, Snapechat, Facebook, LinkedIn…etc.

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Influencer Marketing

Influncer marketing is one of great marketing channels as consumers are highly impacted by and the high number of audience reached out. Creating the plan and strategy to get to the right audience with the right content. Ads can be direct or in a product placement form.

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Creating a plan the brand reputation and PR for the brand, which not only increases the brand's awareness, but also it increases its level of credibly . This is done through several visual and electronic media outlets.

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Partners and Affiliates

Reaching out to websites and companies who are considered great partners and affiliate. Partnership can be based on mutual benefits or for commission, such as referral fees. Also, people can be affiliates.

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Direct marketing

A direct communication and direct marketing plan is created with to reach out to high qualified leads.


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Our methods and strategy are modern, well-studied and efficient


Methodology and stages of unique digital marketing process

We have strong attention to details. The stages and process of the digital marketing are unique and well studied to creatively create a digital marketing that reflects your brand image positively, strengthens your brand and increases your revenue.

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1. Exploration

At this stage, we go through the business and its model, brand story, identity, values, market and target segment to be studied and understood. The business’s life cycle customer's life cycle, customer journey map, and customer behavior will be studied and understood. We study the overall customer experience, user experience, user mobility and behavior (both online and on the ground) including business needs (internal customers, employees), customer needs and 360 overview of the customer experience.

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2. Planning

Creating the marketing strategy and plan, which includes product and business life cycle, marketing mix, objectives, analysis, marketing budget, marketing channels, execution schedule and marketing campaign schedule. It’s created for a full year. The plan and its strategies are created very carefully with the latest American methodologies and practices applied to modern marketing. For example, Inbound Marketing, Growth Hacking, Branding.

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3. Execution

The methodology is focused on rapid growth, high efficiency, low cost, great brand awareness, and revenue. The plan and strategies are being implemented as a team with your business. We will study and research the target audience, customers behavior, online activity of customers, customers language and keywords. Key performance indicators (KPIs) are constantly mentored and analyzed. This service is done on a monthly basis which allows you to stop or renew by the end of every month.

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