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CX Shift's CEO is a CX Impact Awards, Outstanding Providers Winner 2016

Mohammed Almokhem has been awarded for CX Impact Awards, Outstanding Providers 2016 by Customer Experience Professional Association (CXPA), Wakefield, MA, USA.

2016 CX Impact Award Winners: Outstanding Providers is aimed at individuals who are consultants or vendors in our field dedicated to developing the CX industry through innovative approaches, trained expertise and patient instruction. Nominations can describe either an experience with a named client or overall success with multiple clients. The nominee inspires excellence in all aspects of the CX disciplines and elevates everyone involved to a new level.

Mohammed Almokhem celebrating CXday with CXPA in Los Angeles

Mohammed Almokhem celebrating CXday with CXPA in Los Angeles

From CXday Awards:

Mohammed Almokhem is the CEO and Founder of Customer Experience Shift (CX Shift). This company aims to improve and innovate businesses, products and services that will make people’s lives better through business development, product/service improvement, marketing, web/app design, and entrepreneurship mentoring and programs. Almokhem started his dedication to customer experience and innovation before founding his business, CX Shift, by earning a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a Master of Science in Service Leadership and Innovation along with other certifications, such as Marketing. Mohammed’s business specializes with startups and small businesses because they face more challenges and have more room for improvement and innovation. Mohammed works with his clients to implement CX into their businesses. Mohammed mentors and advices clients and entrepreneurs about CX and how important it is for their business in different sets, such as, events, one on one, universities and online.

Mohammed says: “I’ve founded and my business, CX Shift, to shift businesses to be a customer centric business and place the customer experience in the heart of their business and across all touchpoints with customers (internal customers: employees and external customers: products/services buyers). I’m honored to be selected as a winner of the CX Impact Award of 2016 and glad that my education and career dedication for customer experience is recognized by an amazing organization, CXPA, that is aiming to influence the business world with the customer experience concept as it is aligned with my mission which is to improve and innovate businesses, products and services that will make people’ lives better with customer centricity through business development, product/service improvement and innovation, marketing, web/app design and entrepreneurship advising!”

What distinguishes a CX Day Impact Award Winner?

- What achievements or contributions has the nominee made to the business, customers and/or the CX industry?

- What measurable impact has the nominee made on the team or organization in the past?

- How does the nominee stand out from the crowd? Be sure to include any in-house or customer recognition.

- What steps has the nominee taken to develop their knowledge and application of the CX competencies?

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