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A smart, cost-effective way to build your ecommerce site


CX Shift's CEO talks "A smart, cost-effective way to build your ecommerce site " about on Wamda:

The broad expansion of internet and its related technologies is impacting people’s daily routines and changing the way they think and behave. Technology has even altered the way people make their purchasing decisions (why, how, where and when), greatly impacting the whole business world. Kodak, a well known brand that has been in the market for the past 100 years, was bankrupt because it did not seize the opportunity of the digital camera trend in the right time.

Various other businesses have been affected by new emerging  technologies, including taxis with Uber, hotels with Airbnb, car rentals with Turo (like Airbnb but for cars). Large corporates such as Radioshack and Payless are suffering because of the growing strength of Netflix, Redbox, Amazon, etcetera.

Go online or go home

In this digital era, every business, despite its nature and type, must have an online arm to guarantee its presence and sustainability. Small, medium and large businesses alike, must keep an online presence, either partially or entirely, to promote, market and/or sell their goods/services. Even if the business doesn’t directly sell online services, the company's website still should resemble the physical office of the business. It should offer all needed information and services to serve customers as if they were visiting the corporate office, premise, or shop. Thus, the website must entail live chat options, services request forms, quotation request forms, services payment, and services status information.

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