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CX Overview

How to become a customer centric

What is Customer Experience (CX)?

Customer experience is every touchpoint and interaction between an organization and customers across all channels and through out the customer journey starting from the discovery stage to advocate and repurchase stages!


What is Customer Journey?

A customer journey map is a very simple idea: a diagram that illustrates the steps your customer(s) go through in engaging with your company, whether it be a product, an online experience, retail experience, or a service, or any combination.


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Customer Lifecycle

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Customer Journey Map Example

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What is Costumer Centirc Approach?

Customer-centric is an approach to doing business that focuses on providing a positive customer experience both at the point of sale and after the sale in order to drive profit and gain competitive advantage.

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What is Service Dominant Logic?

Service-Dominant (S-D) Logic is a mindset for a unified understanding of the purpose and nature of organizations, markets and society. The foundational proposition of S-D logic is that organizations, markets, and society are fundamentally concerned with exchange of service—the applications of competences (knowledge and skills) for the benefit of a party. That is, service is exchanged for service; all firms are service firms; all markets are centered on the exchange of service, and all economies and societies are service based. Consequently, marketing thought and practice should be grounded in service logic, principles and theories. In line with S-D logic, it follows that instead of service marketing “breaking free” from goods marketing, as has been the pursuit of the services marketing sub-discipline for the last several decades, all of marketing needs to break free from the goods and manufacturing-based model—that is, goods-dominant (G-D) logic. S-D logic embraces concepts of the value-in-use and co-creation of value rather than the value-in-exchange and embedded-value concepts of G-D logic. Thus, instead of firms being informed to market to customers, they are instructed to market with customers, as well as other value-creation partners in the firm’s value network.

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is a management initiative, or form of economic strategy, that brings different parties together (for instance, a company and a group of customers), in order to jointly produce a mutually valued outcome.

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Value Proposition

A value proposition is a promise of value to be delivered and acknowledged and a belief from the customer that value will be delivered and experienced.

A value proposition can apply to an entire organization, or parts thereof, or customer accounts, or products or services.

Value Proposition Canvas

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Competitive Advantage

It is a business concept describing attributes that allow an organization to outperform its competitors. These attributes may include access to natural resources, such as high grade ores or inexpensive power, highly skilled personnel, geographic location, high entry barriers, etc.

In order to have a competitive advantage, do things differently or innovate new things.

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Delivering Profitable Value Framework

DPV is a comprehensive, pragmatic approach for transforming a business organization's ability to thrive in discontinuous, highly competitive environments. It focuses on providing value proposition and resulting experience in products/services to exceed their expectation.

Comparison of Old Approaches to the New Approach

Present what we do and why it’s great Ask them what to do to make them happy Deeply understand what they do and why
Uncover and answer customer’s objections to our product Ask what features and services, at what price, they require Creatively infer what experiences would be most valuable to them
Write a proposition to help sell our product Ask what proposition they wish to hear Discover experiences that could form a superior proposition
Sales Force presents our pitch to buyers and influencers Sales Force asks buyers/influencers to specify requirements Joint teams study customer’s multifunctional experiences

Becoming the Customer - Exploring Experiences the Process

  • Target customers (or other entities) for this Value Proposition (VP)?

  • Relevant timeframe in which we will deliver this VP?

  • What we want customers to do (e.g. buy/use and/or other behaviors/changes?)

  • Their competing alternatives (competitors, status quo, new technologies, etc.)?

  • Resulting experiences they will get & we deliver? Not a list of products & performance attributes, but the core of a VP; they are:

  • Specific, measurable events/processes – outcomes – in customer’s life/business, that result from doing as we propose (e.g., buy/use products/services, etc.)

  • Includes price and tradeoffs (inferior or equal experiences)

  • All as compared to competing alternatives


Customer Experience Managament VS Customer Relationship Management

Customer Experience Management (CEM) Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
What Captures and distributes what a customer thinks  about a company Captures and distributes what a company knows about a customer
When At points of customer interaction and touchpoint After there is a record of a customer interaction
How monitored Surveys, targeted studies,  observational studies, "vice of customer" research Point-of-sales data, market research, website click-through, automated tracking of sales
Who uses the information Business or functional leaders, in order to create fulfillable expectation  and better experience with products and services Customer-facing groups such as sales, marketing, field services and customer service, in order to drive more efficient  and effective execution
Relevance to future perform Leading locates places to add offering in the gaps between expectations and experience Logging Drives cross selling by bundling products in demand with ones  that aren't
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